Bubbly Maple Leaf Cocktail

Today I’m bringing you my final Best Picture Nominee drink. It’s in honor of Argo. Argo is an edge-of-your-seat kind of movie. Even though we all know how it ends (it’s a true story so the truth is out there) you still have to lean forward with anxiety until the last moment.

I really liked it.

To celebrate this movie I’m proposing a Champagne Cocktail (a less expensive sparkling wine is perfect for this too). It’s appropriate especially for the end of the movie when Champagne corks pop and wine bubbles over.

It’s also appropriate because to tonight Oscars night. Let’s celebrate!

In addition to the sparkling wine, this cocktail has Scotch because the handsome (if shaggy) Ben Affleck swipes a bottle of Macallan from the Canadian Ambassador’s residence and spends a night drinking it out of the bottle.

I don’t recommend doing that.

But mixing it with a bit of bubbly is perfectly o.k..

Especially if it’s also got some maple syrup mixed in, to celebrate the role of Canada in the crazy evacuation scheme. And lime, because lime is favored in Iranian cooking. In fact, the big round thick-skinned limes you get at the grocery store are Persian Limes (Iran used to be called Persia).

So, this Champagne Cocktail is the perfect mix of celebration and ode to the movie Argo.

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