Don’t let the name fool you, is not an online store for Vermont Maple Syrup only. Our main goal is to create an online community and incorporate all goods made by local farmers and artisans into one place. We are hoping to widen opportunities for Vermont Vendors and help them to have their products viewed throughout the country. What could be better than supporting the cool ideas of hard-working people from the great eco-friendly state of Vermont!

A beautiful view with a road, colorful  autumn trees and a road sign "Welcome to Vermont" on the right where you can find the finest maple syrup
Welcome to Vermont


Many buyers hold greater value in regards to products made in Vermont including locally made maple syrup. That is why our strong desire is to put those consumers in touch with all of our local farmers and artisans’ creations. There are more than 25 Vendors on our web site are ready to supply you with the finest Vermont goods! In just one place you can get all the information about manufacturers and their products. Just click the Vendor’s page and get to know them better.

Moreover, you can even find the farm of maple syrup manufacturing on the map on our site! All you need is to follow the Vendors map and view the location of the particular farm. Join us and find pleasure in finding and comparing wide variety of items and their prices – all in one store.

We understand that when you are looking for something special, it is far more convenient to do it in one location. Therefore, our online platform is ready to offer members a convenient way to compare prices on maple syrup and other products from a single source.


For us it is important to highlight the main goals and priorities, we are persuading. One of them is to develop a new open trading environment, which can provide greater transparency in the purchasing process of availability, prices and stock levels.

We want to give our customers the confidence that here they can buy maple syrup and other fine maple goods without worrying about their quality, paying process or shipping. That is why for us it is a great pleasure to establish the new trading partnerships between Vermont producers and suppliers to customers all over the world.

Another important idea is to inform people about the Health benefits, which they can get through using Vermont products such as maple syrup, natural sweets and beverages, delicious sauces and dairy products.


Now, let us guide you through the wide range of wonderful items you can find here!

According to the title of the website, let us start with the Maple Syrup itself! Originally from finest Vermont Maple trees, different in colors and tastes, this exclusive nectar is widely known all over the world. Due to maple syrup unique flavor and healthy properties it is among the “most commonly consumed natural sweeteners worldwide.” Why is it so popular? There are two main reasons:

  1. The smooth, intriguing taste;
  2.  Health benefits comparing to other sweeteners.

That is why maple syrup is commonly used as a key cooking ingredient in a number of meals and delicious pastry.

Considering maple syrup health properties, we must highlight the antioxidant potential and the positive effect the syrup causes over the heart and immune system. Knowing this information, it is very hard to make your choice in favor of any other sweetener!


Only three species of maple trees give the sap, which Vermonters use to get maple syrup and sugar. This Canadian delights now is famous and preferable in many countries throughout the world. Made of the 100% natural Vermont Maple syrup, it is a great alternative to cane and refined sugar. Our traditional sweetener comes in different bags (packets and shakers). Convenient packing helps you to store it on your shelf almost infinitely, which is a great advantage over the syrup.


Another product, which we are proud of! Different in tastes, warming and refreshing, for fizzy drinks and coffee lovers! We know it matters what goes inside your body. That’s why we are happy to provide our customers with organic water and hand-roasted coffee.

Vendor TreTap (Fairfax, Vermont) created authentic, organic, low sugar recipes for “healthy bubble” alternatives to soda and high sugar drinks. Infused mild sparkling water is accessible in maple, cucumber, tangerine, blueberry and cranberry tastes. TreTap is made with organic ingredients using pristine water from Vermont’s maple trees, and transforms them into refreshing sparkling beverages, a truly a unique Vermont experience.

Vermont coffee is also something special we are ready to offer our buyers. Vendor BROWN & JENKINS Coffee Roasters has been a family owned and operated Vermont Coffee Roastery since 1984. It is fresh and originally designed. Try it and taste the difference.


Fussy eaters – all aboard! We have treats to fancy you! More than 200 offers to feast your eyes and tummies. Our vendors have hand-curated a collection of delicious delectable for you. Just a few words of the assortment: artisanal cheese, butter, sauces, pickles, croutons, granola, wide range of sweets. Join our gourmet club! Enrich your diet by adding new flavors to your meals.

Trying something healthy and tasty can really raise your personal standards, not only extend your culinary experience! Don’t waste your chance to find out more about interesting ways of using maple syrup and foods above and check our Recipes page! It makes your mouth’s watering! Variety of dishes is waiting for you to cook them and enjoy yourself with the result.


Organic CBD is non-intoxicating natural medicine that is derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Many of the benefits from CBD are not yet fully understood, although today scientists are confirming wide range of its therapeutic properties. This substance has proved positive effect on pain reduction, immune system function, fear perception, emotional outlook and mood balance.

People from state of Vermont are familiar with CBD useful properties and what them to serve others for a good purpose. The extensive selection of products with CBD included on our marketplace is giving you an opportunity to make the best choice.


Fresh and organic body care products 100% handcrafted – the very best that Vermont nature has to offer. Whether you need pure essential oils or a natural bug repellent, looking for high quality maple soaps, bath salts, body creams and scrubs, you absolutely need to stock up on these select household essentials.


In this section you are sure to find a huge variety of handmade craft works from gifted Vermont artisans and artists. Go on and enjoy these beautiful pieces of art! We hope to surprise you with diversity of items, materials, colors and shapes. This page is totally worth visiting especially if you want to decorate your home or choose the gift for family and friends.


Please do not hesitate in contacting us! We are here for you to answer any questions you may have during the process of making the most satisfying option. Let us encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas within our community! Follow the Chat link and become an active member of our Vermont Maple Syrup family!

Your opinion and reviews are very important! We are about to create a high level of trust between the vendors of Vermont and you the consumer. If you can help out in way possible, please do not hesitate!