100% Pure Vermont Maple Candy – Leaf

Maple candies are made from pure maple juice in the corporate form of maple leaf. These famous sweets are the oldest and very popular treats in the USA.



Maple candy

Maple candy made from pure maple juice. Above all in the corporate form of maple leaf. These famous sweets are the oldest and very popular treats in the USA.

This sweet, incredibly tasty treat will leave you wanting to try it again!

Maple syrup – the main and only component of candies. This product contains many beneficial substances. ThereforeIt favorably affects the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the performance of the nervous system. The product is useful for children. For people with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and men with impaired potency. It is worth noting that the product also has a devastating effect on cancer cells.


These small maple leaf-sweets are made from 100% Vermont maple juice. First of all to get such sweets, you need to heat maple juice until it becomes syrup: excess water (the juice contains only 5% sugar and 95% water) evaporates.

Finally the sweet taste becomes saturated and concentrated.

The syrup is then whipped and poured into a mold. After the candy hardens and is ready to eat. This is how popular maple syrup sweets come from.

This delicacy is appreciated for its crumbly creamy texture and deep maple aroma.

Interesting gift option for corporate events, receptions and parties with your family. It is ideal as a sweet addition to tea with family and friends.

Not Only Tasty

Maple sweets are not only tasty, it is also useful and safe. Because it does not contain any additives of chemical origin, no thickeners, or dyes. It contains only natural fresh maple syrup.


There is only one component in the composition – natural, healthy maple syrup.

In our store you can buy maple candy. We guarantee the naturalness, purity and the highest quality of our products.

Manufacturer: Viking Farms.

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Weight 2 oz

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