Kenya AA Coffee – 10 oz

Kenya AA has been dubbed the coffee of connoisseurs due to its intense character and the meticulous expertise of its producers. Kenya AA is at once complex and perfectly balanced. Kenya AA coffee is grown in rich, volcanic soil, resulting in clean acidity with berry or citrus notes alternating with light spice and berry undertones. The level of quality and knowledge behind this coffee is quite unique. The AA designation refers to the highest grade of coffee beans. You must try it black to appreciate the full spectrum of its flavor. Kenya AA is an ideal after-dinner coffee, but it plays well with any meal, any time of the day. ~ Medium Roast



Profile: Full body with notes of berries, citrus and light spices.

Weight 10 oz

Whole Bean, Auto Drip Cone, Drip, Espresso, Fine, French Press, Keurig Adapter, Percolator, Turkish

  1. Omnis dolore vero si

    Good coffee! Recommend.

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