Harmony CBD + Ginger Wellness Supplement

Our featured product, Harmony, speaks to the ability of ginger to harmonize the stomach and digestive organs.



This tincture uses locally sourced alcohol as a base, from our good friends at Hooker Mtn Farm Distillery, located right on the Marshfield/Cabot line. The alcohol is a maple tinged white rum, flavored by a steeping process with Vermont maple wood. We are proud to support this fine local distillery and are excited for the character and quality that is added to our product!

Ginger has been used across the globe for thousands of years for its many health benefits, including:

promoting healthy digestion
anti-inflammatory use after exercise
relief of occasional nausea
antioxidant qualities
We combined our ginger with CBD to enhance and synergize the effectiveness and beneficial qualities of each.

Weight 1 oz

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