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The horizontal format of this photo frame maintains the familiar orientation of the license plate. I produce the aluminum backing plate that holds the photo; it has metal tabs that keep the photo in place allowing for easy install or photo change.



Photo Window.

The back plate has a hole for hanging and small rubber feet to keep it securely positioned on the wall. All edges are filed and smooth to the touch.

Artist Statement about Photo Window:

“We are drivin’ down that road to ruin.”  James TaylorTraffic Jam. 

I have always had a passion for automobiles. My original artwork examines the love/hate relationship automotive consumerism forces us all to experience. Above all I ask myself how can something which has such strongly influenced the design of our landscape while at the same time incurring major environmental degradation become our present way of life?

Between all the negative impacts automobiles have on our present day society. Meanwhile The rose-colored nostalgic car memories we hold dearly such as family vacations, first kisses in addition just cruising around with friends with your first taste of freedom, my work chooses to focus on the conflict between both ends of the spectrum.

The state, date, numbers and letters all are ripe with associations. They become familiar icons and everyone has their own experiences. I choose to use license plates as my main medium to express the melancholy feeling I hold about the automobile.

I must to produce my work and I create a very personal view using common objects.  Scavenging materials, drawing, photography, painting, sculpting, wood & metal working, buying, collecting and wrecking toys are all part of my non-traditional creative process. Above all I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy putting it out there.  Commissions are always welcome.  Thank you.


Photo Window will be shipped within 1-2 business days.  We will send a confirmation e-mail that includes a tracking number.  is the primary way I ship my work and usually arrives within three business days.

Manufacturer: Revival Studio.

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Size Photo Window: 3 1/8″ hx 4 1/4″.

Weight 34 oz

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