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Costco Maple Syrup review
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Costco Maple Syrup review

Often when buying maple syrup, customers often shop out of convenience and choose the first item that matches their list. When it comes to maple syrup, this story is no different. Costco regularly stocks its shelves with its Costco Kirkland Signature Maple Syrup. How does Costco maple syrup stack up in the world of maple syrup? Are buyers getting their money's worth? 

Costco maple syrup

Costco maple syrup details 

All Costco maple syrup comes in a 33.8 fl oz plastic container and sells for $14.99 online. The jug features a flip cap for pouring, and the maple syrup is organic and gluten-free. 

Having organic, pure maple syrup is always a plus. Pure maple syrup lacks artificial ingredients, sweeteners and preservatives. However, customers will find themselves limited to only Grade A amber maple syrup. This is unfortunate because it limits customers from experiencing other grades of maple syrup, like golden, light and dark. 

Costco’s Kirkland Signature use of a plastic container for its syrup could also present problems for consumers. Usually, after being opened, maple syrup tends to spoil faster in plastic containers. This is because plastic is permeable and can allow oxygen to seep into maple syrup, causing it to oxidize and spoil. 

Where does Costco get its maple syrup?

Costco maple syrup comes from Canada and is produced from Canadian trees. However, it is actually the combined effort of multiple companies and farms that source Costco's produts. 

We know that Kirkland Signature 100% Pure Maple Syrup is tapped from maple trees in Quebec between mid-March to mid-April (1), but Costco does not publicize which farms produce their maple syrup. 

It’s unfortunate that Costco does not list the farms that produce their products. Transparency is important in any food-based industry, and the maple syrup industry is no different. Buying locally and from farms that produce their own products is always a good way to ensure you are buying quality maple syrup. 

What does Costco maple syrup taste like? 

Costco maple syrup has a nostalgic flavor. Their Grade A amber syrup has a rich flavor and is amber, as the name suggests. Amber syrup has a noticeable maple taste yet still maintains a mild-intensity flavor. The syrup also has hints of vanilla and caramel and is not overly dark and bold.

Concluding thoughts 

Overall, Costco’s presents an affordable option for grocery buyers needing to replenish the household jug. Taste-wise, their Grade A amber syrup is just as advertised, with a mild maple flavor. However, it should be noted that there is not much variety in the Costco lineup. Costco only sells Grade A amber syrup. Buyers looking for a light or robust taste will not find Grade A golden or dark at a Costco. 

Costco maple syrup also has maple syrup as its sole ingredient – making it 100% organic. However, Costco does not disclose the farms it sources its maple syrup from, which could be an issue for buyers desiring transparency. 


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