Continuing a tradition of sugaring our farmland for nearly 100 years

Say “maple syrup” and most think of pancakes, waffles, or french toast. We think of maple trees, drudging through the snow to check on maple taps, and the sweet aroma that billows out of our sugar house as we boil maple sap into syrup.

Our farm & land

Viking Farms is 1,200 acres of beautiful green forested rolling hills in southern Vermont. And our sugarbush has been tapped and cared for by family farmers for nearly 100 years. We’re honored to be stewards of this beautiful land. If you’re ever in the area, give us a ring! If we’re not out working, we’d love to give you a tour.

Our farmers & team

Vermont locals, Joel & Mike, have been sugaring since they were kids. In late fall you can find them tapping the trees in preparation for winter, and in spring you’ll find them harvesting the maple sap and making all our maple syrup. 

Making maple syrup at our farm

Take a look behind the scenes with Joel & Mike.