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Facts About Maple Syrup You Probably Did Not Know!

Facts About Maple Syrup You Probably Did Not Know!

We want you to find out something more about this amazing product and gathered some cognitive facts for you.

The old maple can reach a height of 40 meters

Vermont residents have an unusual tradition of celebrating the maple juice harvest season: they eat maple syrup with sweet donuts and salted dill. Vermont residents are sure that sweet and sour tastes complement each other.

Almost all maples of the world grow only in the Northern Hemisphere. And just 1 species of 150 sprouts in the South.

Maple tree is one of the fastest growing trees. Maple is able to add up 1.5-2 meters to a height. Finally it can reach 40 meters in height.

Deep-fried maple leaves have become a common snack in several regions of Japan. The leaves are collected, then kept for about a year in barrels of salt and finally covered with a special sweet dough and fried in oil.

According to their density and transparency, maple syrup is divided into three types: light, medium and amber.

Maple syrup is more effective than broccoli, blueberries, carrots and tomatoes in slowing the development of cancerous cells in the brain and lungs

To get a liter of maple syrup, you need to process about 40 liters of sweet maple juice.

1/4 of a glass of maple syrup contains more calcium than the same amount of milk and more potassium than a banana. It is an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

Real maple syrup does not contains any colorants or flavor additives – it is a completely natural product.

Maple syrup is widely used in cooking. It is used for baking various confectionery products.

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Cook with the less processed, more sustainable and flavorful alternative to cane sugar with subtle notes of maple.

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