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Where are the best places to buy Vermont maple syrup?
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Where are the best places to buy Vermont maple syrup?

As winter comes into full swing, many are in dire search of the sweet taste of authentic and organic Vermont maple syrup. Whether for topping pancakes and waffles, as a natural sweetener in sweet winter treats, or as a simple and healthy sugar alternative, maple syrup makes a versatile and tasty cold-weather treat. But with unhealthy options and even synthetically chemical-laced alternatives flooding the market, the question must be asked: where does one find good, quality organic maple syrup? 

The first step in finding authentic maple syrup is shopping domestically. In the U.S., local Vermont farmers annually produce 2.5 million gallons of maple syrup, which equates to roughly 50% of all domestic maple syrup production (1). Vermont is known for its reputable commitment to natural maple syrup, so shopping in the maple capital of the U.S. makes sense when searching for pure and desired authenticity. 

To find a truly great bottle of Vermont maple syrup, one needs to look in the right places and have a search list in mind. An authentic bottle of maple syrup needs to be certified organic and contain no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, chemical additives, or artificial flavorings. To put it simply, maple syrup should only have one ingredient: maple syrup. A helpful tip while shopping for maple syrup is to discard any “table syrups” you might come across – as they often contain unwanted ingredients. Shopping in local farms with a reputable name behind them is a guaranteed way to find an authentic bottle of maple syrup.

Narrowing down the criteria to local, certified organic Vermont farms, here are our choices for the best places to buy organic Vermont maple syrup. This list makes sure buyers will get only the best quality naturally-produced and chemical-free maple syrup available.

Vermont Maple Syrup

Our 1,200-acre Southern Vermont farm located in Guilford is certified organic and has been sugared by local families for nearly 100 years. Today, our local farmers Joel and Mike manage each individual tap in the sugarbush and deliver quality natural goodness to our community and abroad. 

All Vermont Maple Syrup products are certified USDA organic,  hand-bottled and crafted locally, ensuring nothing but quality and perfection for customers to enjoy. Vermont Maple Syrup does not add any harmful additives, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners to any finished maple products.

Sugarbush Farm

Sugarbush Farm sits on a 550-acre hillside in central Vermont (2). The farm has been operated generationally by the Luce family. Today, each spring, the family collects syrup from their 9,500 tapped trees. No preservatives, coloring or sugar are added to their maple syrup.

Hidden Springs Maple

Hidden Springs Maple offers natural syrup from Putney in Southern Vermont (3). The farm offers 100% natural and organic Vermont maple syrup tapped on family farms across Southern Vermont. Hidden Springs has been in the business for over 50 years now. Their sugar bush spans over 1,000 acres in Putney and parts of Westminster West. Hidden Springs also operates as a family farm, where owner Peter Cooper-Ellis works with numerous members of his family.

Summit Maple Farm

Summit Maple Farm sits on a quaint 50 acres in the western foothills of the Green Mountains in Fairfax (3). Owners Mike and Jess operate their sugarbush sustainably, having solar panels on their sugarhouse and being Certified Bird-Friendly by Audubon Vermont Mike and Jess are both active-duty service members and are committed to hard work, dedication, and quality produce.

Baird Farm

The Baird family farm sits on 560 acres in Chittenden, Vermont and has been in the Baird family for four generations (4). Today, owners Bonnie and Robert Baird keep their families' 1918 legacy alive when they tap their nearly 14,000 trees. The Baird family does not add any sugar to their syrup and is committed to being 100% natural.

Final pick

When maple lovers buy their own maple syrup products, whether it be sugar, candy, or syrup, we recommend that they shop Vermont Maple Syrup. All Vermont Maple Syrup products are certified USDA organic and contain no harmful additives, chemicals, preservatives or sweeteners. Our products are hand-made by local farmers who have a generational history in Southern Vermont and will ensure a truly unique farm-to-table experience.

When searching for the perfect bottle of Vermont maple syrup, it is important to keep health in mind. By searching through local small farms, each with its own story, maple lovers can make sure they buy their own quintessential bottle of golden Vermont perfection. 

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