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Maple Syrup Drinks – The Most Interesting Facts!
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Maple Syrup Drinks – The Most Interesting Facts!

Maple syrup drinks is a highly popular and trendy topic in the world of modern beverages!

It is a great feeling when you have found an interesting topic and can’t wait to share it. And that is the case! In this article, we are going to discuss a number of fine beverages with maple syrup among other ingredients. It turned out that the range of such drinks is pretty wide and our main task was to choose and include in the article the most interesting ones. So, eventually, to our selected list got:

  1. Maple syrup as it is;
  2. Nonalcoholic and fizzy maple drinks;
  3. Maple drinks for weight loss;
  4. Alcoholic maple drinks:
  5. Cocktails with maple syrup.


We hope you are surprised and pretty intrigued about the heading! Because we were! It appears that some people can drink pure maple syrup without face scrunching. You remember that it is super sweet and thick, right! But ok, to be completely honest there are very few people who were actually documented doing it.

The first one is the Guinness Book record-breaker Kevin Strahle (the Beast) from Los Angeles. He is an experienced competitive eater who has done a lot of strange and challenging things like light bulbs, ghost pepper, and numerous donuts consuming. However, when he reached the maple syrup, he managed to set the record for the fastest time to drink a 32-ounce jug of the syrup. It took him little less than 11 seconds, to be exact 10.8 seconds, to empty the jug after which the maple syrup has brought him the new world’s record.

Another notable case took place in Lubbock, Texas. At the annual Lions Club Pancake Festival, two men decided to showdown and made a bet on who can chug the entire bottle of maple syrup. If you are interested in who has finished the syrup first, you can easily find the video of “the battle” online, but, skipping the intrigue, nobody had. One of two men almost got through the half of his bottle when his opponent had to stop. Difficult, ha!

And, of course, how we can forget that impressive scene from Super Troopers movie, where actors had to drink entire bottles of syrup to make the scene look convincing. And, imagine, they seemed to do it!

“The maple syrup drinks” is a wide and gripping topic! We truly believe that you found it interesting too! If yes, we are looking forward to your comments to continue reviewing the most popular alcoholic, nonalcoholic and maple drinks, maple drinks for weight loss – yes, they exist!

So, we are looking forward to your visiting us as soon as possible to leave your reviews and learn more about maple syrup modern history and developing!

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