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National Maple Syrup Day – How To Celebrate?
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National Maple Syrup Day – How To Celebrate?

National Maple Syrup Day is a special day for all who have a sweet tooth and appreciate national values!

There are a lot of different occasions throughout the year for us to celebrate. Some of them are family special, others are important for all and carry national values. Here, we want to look a little closer at one of such joyful days!)


Frankly speaking, all maple harvest time is the celebration of this sweet and sticky amber liquid, especially for those who produce it. But there are lots of special times and events, including National Maple Syrup Day, dedicated to this valuable commodity throughout the northern areas of America and in Canada.

Due to the time-consuming process of maple sap harvesting, all the period from January till April is the time for maple syrup prizing. With that in mind, it is quite a surprising and interesting fact that we celebrate National Maple Syrup Day on the 17th (guess what!) of December, when all vendors are only dreaming of the maple harvest sitting beside their fireplaces.

Nevertheless, it is great that we have this holiday! Especially considering the fact that the maple syrup is a national asset, truly unique product which can be delivered only from a specific location where thousands of maple trees feel comfortable to grow. So, when National Maple Syrup Day comes, use this joyous occasion to lighten this winter day up and make it maple special!


It is so important to create some unforgettable moments for close family, children and yourself in our monotonous daily routine. So, Maple Syrup Day is really fitting it!

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate it! First of all – breakfast. There couldn’t be anything better but stick to the traditions and prepare fresh, hot pancakes with golden syrup on the top of this pile!

After the beautiful start of the day, you can put on something in maple gold-amber colors and go to work or elsewhere. These warm and bright maple shades provoke positive emotions and will help you to stay in a sunny mood all day long.

Of course, it would be great if you find some spare time to learn a little more about maple syrup manufacturing, its history or types. To create a perfect conclusion of the National Maple Syrup Day, in the evening we would recommend you to do a little gourmet experiment with your maple dinner. There are a lot of truly great recipes for meat, vegetables, various salty filling cakes and pie including maple syrup.

So, write down the step-by-step recipe for a perfect Maple Family Day:

  1. The traditional pile of pancakes (waffles) accompanied by jolly maple syrup for breakfast;
  2. A garment piece, an accessory in maple syrup colors or, maybe, in maple leaf shape which will help you to stay in holiday mood;
  3. Discover something new about the syrup and share this information with someone beside you;
  4. Try some new product where maple syrup is as an ingredient, which you haven’t tried before – a drink, skincare item, etc. (additional tip for the National Maple Syrup Day celebration);
  5. Cook an experimental dinner dish with maple syrup and surprise your family with a new flavor.


Now, when National Maple Syrup Day comes, we hope there will be one more reason to enjoy it and feel a little warmer in wintertime thanks to this natural, beneficial gold liquid which makes our life sweeter!

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